Are there any art markets that allow access to 12 year old's?

Are there any art markets that allow access to 12 year old's within Denham Springs, New Orleans, or Baton Rouge? (As a vendor with parental supervision.) I want to know this because I'm trying to do photography, & I'd like to sell my art to get feedback. And, I'm considering transitioning this into a later career & I'd say it's better to start off early, as to where, later in your career you're going to already have a fan base & it'll merely overall make it easier when you're turning it into a profession. By the way, I already went to the Min Makers Market & am planning on going to the Unitarian Church Christmas Bizarre. Thanks everyone, in advance. I know it's unlikely I'll find any new one's. However, why not give it a try?
answered 2 years ago

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