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What is the size of the bastille?

The Bastille's maximum outside dimensions, measured at the building's base: approximately 260 feet long, 130-150 wide (ends, middle), and 100 feet high. The base (the exposed foundation), which was sometimes covered with moat water, was 20 feet high, with walls being 80 feet, making the total height 100 feet. This maximum dimension takes into account the protrusions of the towers and their battlements, as well as the widened footings at the base. The building was irregular, more of a hexagon than a rectangle, hence the difference between middle and ends. It's possible that some would want to look for dimensions just at the interior; however, that itself was also irregular, with the addition of various additions and apartments. The above dimensions were arrived at by extending (duplicating and adding them together to form a "tape measure" by photo-shopping) the original engineer/architect/contractor (Mathieu/Cathala/Palloy) drawing/diagram scales and overlaying them on the diagrams.
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