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Hidden on the back of each .hack//SIGN DVD case is a keyword that can be used in the .hack games, what are the words?

Even though this is probably an old question, its only fitting for a necromancer. :/
Near as I could figure out, this is what was on the backs of each case.
Each one had several words (several repeated), so I separated them by case, and location in the Keyword list, First Word, Second Word, Third Word. As far as I know, they work on any server. Only tested one though, Sigma Greedy Gambler's Drift on .Hack//Quarantine
Case 1: ? ?? Remnant

First: Greedy, Voluptuous, sleepy, sinking

Second: Her, Hot-Blooded, Half-Boiled, Destroyer's

Third: Great Seal, Remnant, Spiral
Case 2: Bottomless Soul Kaleidoscope (Suspected Keyword)

First: Bottomless, Greedy, Sleepy, Sinking

Second: Soul, Hot-Blooded,

Third: Kaleidoscope, Great Seal, Spiral
Case 3: Lightless Sacred Remains (suspected keyword)

First: Lightless, Greedy, Sleepy, Sinking,

Second: Sacred, Hot-Blooded,

Third: Remains, Great Seal, Spiral
Case 4: Ancient Destroyer's Battlefield (suspected Keyword)

First: Ancient, Greedy, Sleepy, Sinking

Second: Destroyer's, Hot-Blooded,

Third: Battlefield, Great Seal, Spiral
Case 5: Greedy Gambler's Drift (Suspected Keyword)

First: Greedy, sleepy, Sinking,

Second: Gamblers

Third: Melody, Drift, Great Seal, Spiral
Case 6: 8 Possible Keywords...listed further down

First: Entwined, Tested, Greedy, Sinking

Second: Morphean, Prejudiced

Third: Chaos, Alchemy, Spiral,
Entwined Morphean Chaos

Entwined Morphean Alchemy

Entwined Prejudiced Chaos

Entwined Prejudiced Alchemy

Tested Morphean Chaos

Tested Morphean Alchemy

Tested Prejudiced Chaos

Tested Prejudiced Alchemy
answered 4 years ago

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Computer security

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